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Effective Ways To Connect With Fans Via Social Media

If there indeed exists a music-marketing bible, this is one of the greatest commandments every artist of this generation should live by:  Connect with fans via social media.

In the not so distant past, the means of connection was called ‘fan mail’.  Artists would receive letters from their fans sent via snail mail. Fans would then patiently wait for weeks, months, years, or some even willing to wait for eternity to receive a reply in the form of a signed photo, a postcard, or if one gets too lucky, an authentic hand-written letter from their idols.

But now we’re dealing with millenials — kids who chat, text, do selfies, tag, hashtag, update status, check-in, and lol when they find something funny...

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How Eye-Cathching Album Covers Help Sell Music

If a music video is the extension of a song, an artwork or commonly known as “album cover” is the extension a record. Essentially, it sets the tone of what the entire record is all about through super cool graphics or whatever image musicians/ artists come up with. Sometimes it works, and well, sometimes it just doesn’t.

Have you experienced buying a record plainly because the artwork is super cool? It’s effing good you want it displayed on your house or your room.

Let’s split this topic into two important things, shall we?

First, artworks that instantly catch our eyes and can easily be interpreted by our brains.

More often than not, artists and musicians with big names befit this. Big names who are marketed by huge record labels like Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’

Michael Jackso...

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How To Deal With Haters, Bashers, Critics

They’re the ones who love to hate…Or they could be your most devoted fans who suddenly turned against you.  How do you deal with them?

These days where everyone gets to say about anything: post a hate comment on Facebook; re-tweet something about whoever-is-the-latest-celebrity-craze; write up a blog; post a video blog on YouTube, so on and so on.

With the rise of the social media and its great significance around the world, things can get a little too overwhelming even for the hippies in the music department. And sometimes things do get out of hand with just one little post. A simple reply to a comment can go to a million places – with a possible positive or negative connotation. That, we cannot tell unless it has already spread online like a virus.

There is no way to handle the ...

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