Simply Boundless offers songwriters full music publishing services, which include: Publishing, Administration, Licensing & Song Placement, Synch and much more.

Our Publishing Department is headed by 42 year music industry/publishing veteran Dude McLean, who states “First and foremost, the meat of the music business is the “song .”

Dude has produced, had songs recorded with, represented the copyrights of, managed, or worked with many of the biggest names in the music industry.

Simply Boundless provides complete global royalty collection service for music professionals, simplifying music publishing administration for songwriters and other rights-holders.

Simply Boundless works for any songwriter

You don’t need to be a hit-maker to take advantage of our services. We like to think Simply Boundless is a solid publishing deal for music makers and professionals at any stage of their career, run by publishing professionals with over 50 years of combined industry experience to help you maximize your song’s earnings!
Simply Boundless gives music makers the easiest way to get paid publishing royalties from the US and abroad. We help bands and songwriters register their songs with agencies around the world to collect royalties generated from their songs being played on-air, online, on TV and many other places.

Here is an overview of some of the most important services we provide:

  • One-stop song registration and royalty reporting

  • We collect publishing royalties from around the world

  • We give your catalog ultimate flexibility

~And we allow you to collect your royalties from~

Some of the features of what we offer are:

Direct Registration – Earn more royalties from more places.

There’s much more to publishing than ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. In order to collect all your performance and mechanical royalties from around the world, you need to go beyond your US PRO. Simply Boundless connects you to a global network.

Direct Collection – Get paid faster

By collecting at the source, we can get you paid up to 6-8x faster. Simply Boundless collects efficiently from overseas without costly legal fees or lengthy paperwork.

Source and Territory Breakdown – Detailed earnings tracking

Break down your earnings by payment period, type of royalty, location of royalty, and source of royalty.

Data Export – Ultimate portability for your dat.

We will provide you with all of your details to Excel (.csv or .xls), when your royalty statements are due. See your royalties by quarter, source, or territory.

Start collecting your royalties today!

Simply Boundless is the easiest way to get paid all your publishing royalties.