Licensing & Music Publishing

Simply Boundless Licensing, provides worldwide licensing for the Simply Boundless music catalog.

Our expert team provides services from A-Z in terms of sourcing the content, placing the content both domestically and internationally in all mediums, and managing the content both artistically and financially for all music content owners and seekers all over the globe.

Our mission is to utilize our expertise in both the physical and digital marketplaces to provide music seekers and content owners worldwide with a group of services that will maximize their income and lower their overhead.  These services include:

  • Domestic and international synch licensing in films, TV shows, video games, and commercial spots
  • Domestic and international inbound and outbound product licensing
  • International distribution
  • Sample master use licensing
  • Digital catalog management and expansion
  • Non-traditional physical account penetration
  • Master Use and Publishing Clearance, including “all in” quotes
Our job to ensure that we create as many opportunities as possible for our songwriters and their music, and we make full use of our comprehensive knowledge of music and brands to achieve that.
At Simply Boundless Music Publishing, we understand that every project is different, and we will use our years of expertise to make sure that you get exactly the right license to suit all your commercial needs.
By partnering with Simply Boundless Music Publishing, you’ll be working with people who share your passion, and who want to help you achieve all your goals.


Every great moment deserves a great song!