Welcome to Simply Boundless Records

Welcome to Simply Boundless Records, the home to some of the best indie Pop, Rock & Country music around. Check out our artists and their music while your here too.

We will also strive to bring you the most relevant indie music news as well as artists tips that will help you in marketing & promoting yourself.

Also, check out the services we offer, which include online digital distribution, marketing, promotion, social media, music publishing, licensing & administration. We have a top notch team here to assist you, and even better to sign you as the next Simply Boundless Records artist!

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ANTO – Leave You Worries – (Official Music Video)

“Leave Your Worries” Is the new smash hit single/video from Simply Boundless Records recording artists – ANTO. Move over Lady Gaga, Shakira & Madonna, ANTO has arrived and she is a force to be reckoned with. ANTO does it all, as she sings, writes, produces and acts and she’s here to stay, so check her out and make her video “Leave Your Worries” go viral worldwide!

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The GetBooked Facebook App: A Direct-To-Fan Booking Platform for Indie Musicians

Artist’s if you’re not using the Facebook App, ‘GetBooked’,  you’re missing out on some potentially great opportunities to get booked for shows, and right from your own Facebook page, where many of your fans are! The ‘GetBooked’ Facebook app that makes it easier for fans to connect with bands and collaborate on live events.

According to CEO Matt Lombardi, ‘GetBooked’ makes it easy for fans to find, fund and book the musicians they “like” on Facebook for House Concerts and private events, which means that fans get a unique, memorable live music experience, and bands get a sustainable revenue stream and touring schedule.”

According to their website, 20% of artists who use ‘GetBooked’ receive booking offers within one month...

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Sharing And Not Bombarding Others On Social Media

Are you sure you are sharing the right things with your fans, friends and followers online? Do you ever worry about bombarding your followers with too many updates? What are your most effective strategies for posting social media updates? If you seriously want to find out the answers to these and other important questions about how to properly use Social Media, then check out this very informative video by Bob Baker, who is the author of three books in the “Guerrilla Music Marketing” series, along with many other books and promotion resources for DIY artists, managers and music biz pros: Audimated – Social Media


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Booking Live Shows

Live performances are one of the most vital ways in which your band can receive exposure, as well as develop a fan base. The first step in booking a live show is to choose a booker, or someone that will be responsible for finding your band gigs.

To find our more about Booking Live Shows, read this very informative written by Nicolette for Audimated at: Audimated – Booking Live Shows




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How Your Fans Help Sell Your Music

What motivates your friends and family to become your first set of die hard, stick with you to the end fans? What turns them from passive listeners into the marketers and sales force for your music? If you are a more advanced full time musician you may likely already even have your own your “street team.” Here is a great article on “How Your Fans Help Sell Your Music” from our friends over at: Audimated Blog.

Check out the full article at: Audimated – Fan Help


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